Vanessa Howard-Anderson | Creekside Meadow Farms | Gig Harbor Washington

Vanessa Howard-Anderson

Vanessa’s professional journey began at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland, where she delved into her passion for both psychology and sociology, earning a double major with honors. But her college experience wasn’t just about academics; she also dedicated herself to the IHSA Equestrian Team, competing in the Open Jumping and Open Flat Divisions, earning numerous accolades for her team, and participating in the ANRC National Championships each year.

Upon graduation in 2000, Vanessa’s career path took her to Media Metrix, a leading advertising agency in Seattle, Washington, where she excelled as an Account Manager handling East Coast sales. However, her true calling emerged as she ventured into entrepreneurship, starting her own part-time horse training business, fueled by her deep-rooted passion for horses and business acumen. With unwavering support from her family and her soon-to-be husband, Zach, Vanessa made the bold decision to leave corporate life behind and establish her own horse training venture.

Thus, VLH Training LLC was born in 2001, marking the inception of Vanessa’s professional training career, situated at her family’s equestrian facility in Redmond, Washington. Through a blend of horsemanship, riding skills, and personal growth, Vanessa crafted one of the premier Hunter/Jumper training programs in the Pacific Northwest. Her talent shone as she transformed young horses into champions, guiding them from Baby Green Hunters to the 2nd Year Green Working Hunters, and even clinching Championships along the way. Notably, she elevated horses from novice to successful show jumping competitors on the esteemed A Circuit, exemplifying her prowess as a trainer.

Throughout her journey, Vanessa remained committed to refining her craft, dedicating over a decade to attending Buck Brannaman’s clinics and implementing his techniques in developing both horse and rider. Her dedication reached a pinnacle when she rescued and rehabilitated two horses, demonstrating her profound empathy and skill in equine care.

With the birth of her second child, Vanessa embarked on a new chapter, pursuing an advanced degree in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University. Relocating to Southern California with her family, she took advantage of the sunny climate to establish the BeOne Training & Wellness program in Del Mar. Here, Vanessa pioneered a holistic approach, integrating breathwork, energy work, mindfulness, and classical horsemanship, recognizing the symbiotic relationship between horse and human well-being.

However, Vanessa’s heart yearned to be closer to her roots, prompting her eventual return to the Pacific Northwest. Alongside Zach, she realized her dream of owning Creekside Meadow Farms in Burley, Washington, where she now focuses on her personal horses and nurtures her daughters’ equestrian pursuits.

Amidst her flourishing career in horse training and wellness, Vanessa embarked on a profound exploration of neurodiversity, recognizing the diverse ways in which individuals perceive and interact with the world. Drawing from her background in psychology and sociology, she delved into the intricacies of neurodevelopmental variations, seeking to create a more inclusive and supportive environment within the equestrian community.

As Vanessa embarks on this new chapter, she eagerly anticipates sharing her wealth of knowledge and gifts with fellow enthusiasts, embodying the spirit of passion, perseverance, and compassion that defines her remarkable journey.

Vanessa’s journey is a reflection of dedication, innovation, and a deep understanding of the human psyche. From her college days, where academic rigor met a keen interest in neurodiversity, to her diverse professional engagements, Vanessa consistently showcased her ability to harness the creative potential of diverse minds. As her narrative unfolds, Vanessa emerges as an exemplar of diversified expertise, drawing strength from her appreciation of neurodiversity and its indispensable role in creativity and leadership.